If you’re a guy.

And you call a woman a “bitch” in public.

And I hear you do it.

You’re gonna have a bad time. 

This is so honorable dude I bet you get your dick sucked after every time you come to the rescue

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Isn’t it crazy how there are like seven 24hr cable news channels, and all of them stopped live broadcasting at 11pm and went home for the night while there is wild shit going down in St. Louis. 

Not only that, but the best footage they aired all day were from citizen journalists or small market reporters. 

Why do you have a 24hr cable news network and fancy reporters making hella money if none of those niggas are on the ground in Ferguson round the clock?

Why are they being so worthless




THE LION KING Broadway Cast Takes Over NYC Subway and Sings ‘Circle Of Life’

Gosh even just the video of this made me tear up. How are all those people just sitting around and looking confused? I’d be on the ceiling with excitement.

Somewhere on this train there was a weary commuter on his way home from a long day. And all he wanted to do was sleep for the 30 minute ride. Then these niggas got on and started singing Lion King

Niggas is wildling


thoughts while hittin from the back:

"don’t look down"

"versace versace versace versace"

"do not look down"

*looks down*



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